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At Wickersley we are proud of our student’s achievements; this doesn鈥檛 end when they leave us, able and qualified to play their full part in society. We as a school have high aspirations for our students and therefore have set up the Wickersley Alumni, with the aim to inspire and motivate current Wickersley students. This will involve celebrating the achievements of school leavers, sharing inspiration from their time at Wickersley and their next steps, along with some excellent guidance for students on how they can fulfil their own ambitions and goals.

We love to keep in touch with our ex-students.听

Wickersley welcomes ex-students who want to 鈥榢eep in touch鈥, whether that be to hear about news and events at the school or to support our current students, by sharing your story of what you have achieved since leaving us or even coming into school and supporting activities such as lessons, assemblies, mock interviews etc.

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Career Pathway Booklet

Join us in helping promote your career choice by getting involved in careers aspirations posters.

Alumni Case Studies

Here at Wickersley, we love hearing about how our former students are getting on after leaving school. Here’s just a few of our recent leavers.

Exam Certificates

Information on how to obtain original and duplicate certificates from Wickersley School and Sixth Form.

Jess Vaughan

Sport & Exercise Science

Where are they now?

Having left Wickersley Sixth Form in 2020 Jess went to Leeds Beckett for 3 years to study sport and exercise science and graduated with a first class degree. She鈥檚 now started a teaching degree with Sheffield Hallam University.

What Jess says:

Some modules within my undergraduate degree focused on employability skills which included doing volunteer work and researching what kind of jobs are already out there. I was vice captain on the netball committee at university where I helped with setting up events, contacting and organising officials and helping members on a day to day basis. I worked at summer camps for kids to gain more experience of working with children. All these experiences allowed me to practice communication, being on time and organised, having an interview, working as part of a team.

Be curious and ask questions of people around you either for help or to get a better understanding of something you鈥檙e interested in. Don鈥檛 be afraid to put yourself out there and make the most of all the opportunities you get. It鈥檚 okay if you don鈥檛 know what you want to do yet just take it a step at a time and do what鈥檚 best for you and what you enjoy.

Gabi Wilson


Where are they now?

Gabi completed her studies at Wickersley in 2018 and went on to a University specialising in music so that she could develop her live production and practical event skills. It was during this time that Gabi had the opportunity to work on building live experience on festival sites such as Parklife and the Isle of Wight Festival, taking on her first touring role with Blossoms. During Covid Gabi worked on her degree, since the industry was closed, and won the TPi Breakthrough award for her work in Tour Management. Post Covid she worked on the trial events, to open up the live sector and went on to work on shows such as Sam Fender, Harry Styles, The Killers, RHCP, and My Chemical Romance in a variety of freelance roles.

What Gabi says:

Getting a breath of knowledge across production helped me specialise more easily, and do my job as I understood what other aspects of a music event, e.g. Lighting/Sound etc. need to do their job properly. Events like the TPi awards has helped me to develop my confidence in speaking to new people and pitching myself. It’s important to be confident in your own skills. Being thrown in the deep end on so many of the shows I worked on, Blossoms being the big one, was such an important learning curve. This helped me pick up new knowledge quickly and understand the context of what I studied at University, it helped me to take calculated risks and push for jobs I wouldn’t usually, which has vastly accelerated my career!

Be humble and approachable, you won’t be the best and that’s okay, learning is growth and as soon as you think you’re the smartest in the room, you’ll stall. So many industries are small, humility, kindness, confidence, and hard work go a long way. Sometimes it is luck that gets your foot in the door but it’s hard work and pragmatism that will keep it open. You’re young, take risks, enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid!

Joshua Martin

Political Theory

Where are they now?

Having left Wickersley Sixth Form in 2018, Josh went on to study at the University of Leeds, culminating in him completing a Masters in Political Theory at Durham University. Joshua is currently employed as an Investment Analyst.

What Joshua says:

Having evidence of leadership, intellectual curiosity, and risk taking were all skills that assisted me in gaining employment. A sacrifice today yields an incredible amount more in the future.

Ruby Chalk

Drama & Theatre

Where are they now?

Ruby was a former Wickersley School and Wickersley Sixth Form student, leaving in 2019. After completing her A Levels, she went to university and obtained a First Class Degree in Drama and Theatre. Ruby is currently working in the entertainment industry as a Redcoat Entertainer and performer at Butlins.

What Ruby says:

Mock interviews were the most beneficial experiences that 58影视 gave to me in terms of employability. Practising interviews with Sixth Form staff really helped me focus on what specific characteristics universities / employers would be interested in.

I think basic skills are so overlooked when preparing to leave education. Skills such as time keeping, ensuring organisation, people skills, patience and kindness ensure that a workplace / further education environment are functional and favourable. In addition to this, the resources that Wickersley School provided whilst I was in Sixth Form were invaluable – learning how to fill a tax form out, learning all about student loan repayments etc. These skills are not as easy to pick up elsewhere, so really make use of the free resources whilst you can!

Milly Jennett

Archaeology & History

Where are they now?

Milly left Wickersley in 2021 and is currently employed as a Duty Manager at Premier whilst completing her undergraduate degree in Archaeology and History.

What Milly says:

Trust the process, if you’ve done everything you can to learn and develop the skills that you gain throughout your education, you’ll get to where you want to be. Whether that is a career or further education, have confidence in yourself.

Courtney Jackson

Childcare & Education

Where are they now?

Courtney attended both Wickersley School and Wickersley Sixth Form leaving in 2023, having successfully completed her level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education.听

Courtney was successful in gaining employment at the setting where she was on placement – Bramley Grange Primary School.

What Courtney says:

Have a plan of what you want to do and stick with it. You can be anything you want to be if you put your mind to it.

William Race

Accounting & Economics

Where are they now?

Will is a former Wickersley School student who left in 2018.听

After his A levels, Will started his degree studying Accounting and Economics at Sheffield Hallam University. He graduated in 2023 with a First Class Honours Degree and is now working as a Finance Graduate for Wm Morrisons.

What William says:

Make sure you proactively engage in extra-curricular activities and seek experience in a professional environment; this will really help you transition from education to the professional world. The many different modules I studied at university helped me develop my communication and skills when working in a professional environment.

Mariya Ghafoor


Where are they now?

Mariya is a former Wickersley School and Wickersley Sixth Form student, who left in 2015.听

After her A Levels, she started her degree in Medicine at Barts and the London School of Medicine – a centre of excellence for both cardiac and cancer care.听

She graduated in 2021 and is now working as a Junior Doctor in Sheffield.

Mariya also has an intercalated degree in Nutrition from King’s College London.

What Mariya says:

I always dreamed of going to Medical School and one day finally becoming a Doctor. I am now living my dream and you can do the same – never stop trying to achieve your goals and always remember that you can do anything.

Lucy Hodkinson


Where are they now?

Lucy attended both Wickersley School and Wickersley Sixth Form, having left in 2017 with A*AA in her A Levels.

She went on to study Dentistry at University of Bristol and is now in her fifth and final year – she will be a qualified Dentist in July 2022!

What Lucy says:

Professional degrees like Dentistry don’t just look at grades, they want to know what you’re like as a person too. Try out lots of extracurricular things – I wish I tired out more things that Wickersley offered whilst there.

David Trow

Bank Compliance

Where are they now?

David left Wickersley Sixth Form in 2007. He now works as a Regional Head of Markets Advisory for MUFG Bank, based in Hong Kong.

He covers compliance advice to sales and trading staff (approx 400) in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and Myanmar.

What David says:

It’s OK to change your mind: at Wickersley I intended to be a solicitor, then at university a doctor, then virologist before moving into a career in consulting and currently bank compliance.

Emma Sullivan


Where are they now?

A former Wickersley student, Emma Sullivan went on to study Psychology at the University of York.

She now currently works at the University of Sheffield in the Psychology Department as a Research Assistant.

Emma assesses 4-year-olds in nursery settings using specially designed laptop games to better understand their developmental psychology.

In October, she is enrolling at the University of Oxford to study for an MSc in Psychological Research before
aiming to begin a PhD at either Sheffield or York.

Emma’s focus is the developmental psychology in children, sleep psychology and memory.

What Emma says:

My aspiration stemmed from taking A-level Psychology at Wickersley and I notice that every year the number of students studying Psychology increases as it becomes a popular subject of study and career.

Katie Wright


Where are they now?

Katie Wright left Wickersley in 2013 with A-Levels in French, Spanish, English Language and Psychology.

She then went on to study at The University of Manchester doing a course in BA (Hons) French and Spanish. Whilst studying at university, Katie was also able to undertake an Italian language course from beginners level.

Last year, Katie spent 15 months abroad. 12 were in Spain working as an au pair, English Teacher, translator and admin assistant. She then spent the following 3 months working in France as an interpreter/Translator.

Whilst on the placement Katie was fortunate enough to explore both public and private museums across the French听 Riviera and Italy whilst also having the opportunity to help host an international colloquium in St. Petersburg.

Katie will soon be completing her course and graduating in Summer. As soon as she has finished her exams she plans to return to Murcia to work as an English Teacher, she also plans to to complete a masters degree in Editorial Translation.

Advice from Katie:

Be yourself, always! Always be honest with people about your capabilities and never accept
a job that is above them. And if you are passionate about something, show it! I got laughed
at (a lot) for being interested in languages, and I paid no interest in the comments people
made. Look where I am now 馃檪

Matt Brighton


Where are they now?

Matt Brighton, a former 58影视 student, has gone on to study Graphic Design at Staffordshire University.

While at university, Matt met a local company who deliver enterprise days to schools countrywide.
Through working with them he sold his skills and they went on to be one of Matt’s biggest clients, redesigning their entire digital infrastructure and controlling their digital marketing, design and branding.

The company in its first year partnered with Lord Sugar and Matt had the opportunity to work with Theo Paphitis as part of the marketing and London collateral.

As well as having various clients and freelancing opportunities in London, Matt has become a manager
of retail business banking for Lloyds banking group and manages digital products for start-up and small businesses.

Callum Wood

Food & Hospitality

Where are they now?

Callum Wood left Wickersley in 2015 and joined the Army Foundation College in Harrogate in September.

The following February, Callum passed his Phase 1 in Army training and has since completed Phase 2.

Whilst there he has had听 experience at a unit in Tidworth learning how to cater for and feed 400 army

Recently, he has been assigned to go to Calgary in Canada where he will prepare meals for 1500 people a day! Once he has completed this he will be going to Estonia for 6 months.

Callum loves the opportunities and independence that life in the Army provides as well as it giving him the skills to learn about nutrition and catering along the way.

Alisha Wilson


Where are they now?

I came to Wickerley for Sixth Form and studied Maths, Further Maths and Economics. I absolutely loved studying at Wickersley and that is where my love for Maths grew. I initially didn’t want to go to University due to lacking confidence in my ability and went on to do an Accountancy apprenticeship. I quickly learned that it wasn’t for me and dreamed of becoming a teacher to inspire students in the same way I was. I then went to The University of Sheffield to gain a degree in Maths and continued there to do a PGDE in Secondary Education. I did my second school placement at Wickersley where I gained a permanent role as a teacher of Maths.

Advice from Alisha:

Either volunteer or find a job you can do part time. The most important life lesson I鈥檝e learnt
so far is that sometimes your ideal job does not turn out to be what you actually want to do in the future and volunteering for example in that sector gives you an opportunity to see if you like it and also gain work experience necessary for job interviews in the future. But remember there鈥檚 nothing wrong with deciding you don鈥檛 like the role and changing your mind.

Sam Wibberley


Where are they now?

After leaving Wickersley in 2012 after completing A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Government & Politics Sam Wibberley has gone on to study Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University.

Chemical Engineering is used in a wide range of industries from oil and gas to food and drink. Sam has recently graduated from Cambridge with a Masters Degree and has continued to study, enrolling
in a graduate scheme at GlaxoSmithKline.

What Sam says:

Working in the pharmaceutical industry is really great – I get to use my degree and A-Levels every day and am now putting everything I’ve learnt into practise in a way that genuinely makes a difference to people’s lives.

Ellen Dodson

Child Development

Where are they now?

Former student Ellen Dodson left Wickersley in 2012, after leaving Wickersley she completed a placement at 鈥楳ommas Day Nursery鈥 through the Summer.

She went on to study at Sheffield Hallam University in BA(Hons) in Early Childhood Studies whilst continuing to work in the nursery.

After completing university, Ellen went on to study a PGCE in Early Years and Primary with QTS also at Sheffield Hallam university.

Ellen now works as a qualified teacher and has her own Year 1 class.

What Ellen says:

I recommend this route into teaching because I got a place on my PGCE and job because of all the placements and experience I had in a range of settings and Wickersley provided me with that!

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